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Folk on the Water - Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Dave Rowe tells us about the Stinkpot entering International waters and an unexpected rescue mission.  Dave also shares the last song his late father, Tom Rowe, recorded.

(Broadcast July 8, 2019)

Folk on the Water - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Dave Rowe explains why the Stinkpot needed to change course.  Dave reflects on the 4th of July celebrations with a new song "We Hold These Truths".

(Broadcast July 5, 2019)

Folk on the Water - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Dave Rowe and first mate Stacy make it to Rome... New York.   Dave describes an incident that nearly changed the title of this series to "Smoke on the Water"

(Broadcast July 

Folk on the Water - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

We chat with first mate Stacey about her experiences on the Stinkpot with Captain Dave Rowe

(Broadcast July 


Chapter 5

Captain Dave Rowe anchors the Stinkpot and he spends a few days on shore.  He also catches up on Facebook and shares a song that describes his attitude.

(Broadcast on June 24, 2019)

Folk on the Water - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of Folk on the Water finds Dave and Stacey on the Hudson River. Dave shares a new song about his experience on the river.   

(Broadcast on June 20, 2019)

Folk on the Water - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A new song from Dave about the first few days of the trip and arriving in the New York City harbor is featured. 

(Broadcast on June 18, 2019)

Folk on the Water - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The journey begins!  Dave Rowe and first mate Stacey start their epic journey and immediately meet some rough weather.

(Broadcast on June 14, 2019)

Folk on the water - chapter 1

Chapter 1

Dave Rowe is about to embark on a year long journey by boat - traveling the Great Loop, a 6000 mile journey where Dave will be seeing the country from a unique perspective and making music along the way.

(Broadcast on June 10, 2019)


Interview with Jane Fallon - broadcast on May 21, 2019

My Highway Home with Joe Jencks

Chapter 1

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Joe Jencks takes us along on his trips across the country, sharing music and stories from the folks he encounters along the way. This episode finds Joe at the Kerrville Folk Festival with his guests Vern Crawford and Lenore Langsdorf - talking about the Kerrville Folk Festival, volunteerism, and more .
Broadcast on June 5, 2019